19 - 20th Oct 2023

 5th International Conference on Empathic Architecture 


“Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being.” – J. Standord

Human spends a large proportion of their time indoors. A causal relationship exists between the indoor environment and human health (Boubekri, 2008). Architecture can impact human health, happiness, and physiological function (St-Jean et al., 2022). The architecture design should serve the user's individual and collective needs, protect the health, and encourage well-being. It is essential to seek a holistic understanding of the impact of architecture on human health and well-being.

Architectural design features, including color, light, complexity, and viewing nature, influence human behavior, health, happiness, and physiological function in many ways (St-Jean et al., 2022) and can have long-term implications for our quality of life. Architectural design should thus be responsive to user needs, inspire, motivate, give meaning, and be spirit caring.

Important Dates

This Conference, Workshop will be held both onsite and online (hybrid), and Exhibition will be held onsite. The activities may have overlapped session, like you can find below. For more detailed timeline, kindly check here for Conference, and here for Workshop

  Keynote Speakers

Keynote D1

A. Ray Pentecost III, DrPH, FAIA, FACHA, LEED AP

Director, UIA-Public Health Group 

Keynote D1

Dr. Yuan Chao

Department of Architecture - College of Design and Engineering

National University of Singapore

Keynote D2

Ir. Adi Utomo Hatmoko, M.Arch

Professional architect in hospital design

Keynote D2

Dr. Ruzica Bozovic

Department of Architecture - College of Design and Engineering

National University of Singapore

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