Hybrid Conference

19-20th Oct 2023

Human spends a large proportion of their time indoors. A causal relationship exists between the indoor environment and human health (Boubekri, 2008). Architecture can impact human health, happiness, and physiological function (St-Jean et al., 2022). The architecture design should serve the user's individual and collective needs, protect the health, and encourage well-being. It is essential to seek a holistic understanding of the impact of architecture on human health and well-being.

Architectural design features, including color, light, complexity, and viewing nature, influence human behavior, health, happiness, and physiological function in many ways (St-Jean et al., 2022) and can have long-term implications for our quality of life. Architectural design should thus be responsive to user needs, inspire, motivate, give meaning, and be spirit caring.

Important Dates

------------ ACCEPTED PAPER ANNOUNCEMENT 09 October 2023 --------------

All accepted papers will be published in IOP earth and environmental science.

Fees and Payment

Conference Registration

Presenter     : 3.000.000 IDR (200 USD)

           --- (Additional paper 2.000.000 IDR (150 USD) / title)

Onsite Participant (Foreigner)         : 100 USD

Online Participant (Foreigner) : 75 USD

Onsite Participant (Indonesian) : 750.000 IDR

Online Participant (Indonesian) : 500.000 IDR 

Onsite Student Participant :  400.000 IDR

Online Student Participant : 200.000 IDR


The Amphitheatre of Q Building - Petra Christian University Campus

(The Conference will be held via online also)

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